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Three MUST Have Digital Tools for Dental Practice

Every dental practice should have had these online digital tools before the Covid 19 pandemic. Now the pandemic has forced us to consider no touch and even no appointment processes. Patients appreciate the ability to do business with you from home now even more than they did before.

Online Bill Pay: This is so simple and inexpensive it is surprising how few dental offices offer this. Your patients do not want to come to the office to pay you, They do not want to mail you a check (how last century). They do not even want to call and be put on hold in order to give you a credit card number over the phone. They want to be able to pay you just like they do everybody else, online using a credit card or PayPal. Make it as easy as possible for someone to give you money.

Online Forms: That is true online forms that synch with the practice management system NOT a pdf that the patient must download, print, fill out by hand, remember to bring to the office just so an staff member can type in the data. Forms are not just for new patients. Existing patients need to update demographics such as address or employment as well as updating their medical history at least once a year.

Online Scheduling: Many offices offer online schedule requests. The newest trend is to offer true online appointments for selected procedures, such as re-call or new patents.

Not only do these digital tools allow patients to do business with you from home they also allow your team members to work from home.

All of these tools should be part of your practice website. For help check with my friends at TNT Dental.