Top 10 KPIs to Predictively Grow Your Private Dental Practice

by Larry Emmott on July 13, 2017

in Management

From Kirk Behrendt via BlueIQ :

The Top 10 Dental KPIsFirst of all, data is the key to running a successful business and predictively growing it. Because data tells us how to make good business decisions. So, if you want to improve any aspect of your practice, it starts with gathering the right data. Without further ado, here are the top 10 KPIs to predictively grow your private dental practice:

Source: Top 10 KPIs to Predictively Grow Your Private Dental Practice – BlueIQ : BlueIQ

KPI stands for Key Performance indicator. Kirk identifies ten including:

  1. Monthly Gross Production ($)
  2. Monthly Net Production ($)
  3. Monthly Gross Production (%) from Fee-For-Service

All ten have to do with money coming in or going out and time. Follow the link for more details.

There are three important thoughts related to this concept.

One: How do you get the data? Your practice management software should be able to provide these numbers at the touch of a button. If you do not know how to do it learn, or if your software can’t do it…maybe you need different software.

Two: What do you do with he data? Here is where most dentists need help and consultants like Kirk can help. First what is a good number and second if the number is trending in a certain way what does it mean and how do you correct for bad trends?

Three: With current systems it should be very simple to allow Kirk (or any consultant) access to this data from any where any time 24/7. You should not need to spend staff time gathering the data for the consultant and sending it off once a month.

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