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Understanding decision making with the magic of Venn

From Rachel Mele in Dentistry IQ:

Armed with this competitive information, you may realize that much of the value you provide is matched by your competition. In other words, the value you provide is not actually a competitive advantage. Ouch. You may also find that your competitor is providing value that you do not.

Source: Understanding dentists’ decision making with the magic of Venn – DentistryIQ

Rachel wrote this for companies developing and selling products to dentists. Many dental high tech vendors read this blog and hopefully they will find this useful. However the same ideas apply to dentists.

What do you provide that is important to your customers (patients)? Is it that you take their insurance and give away a toothbrush? Or is it that you have same day crowns and online bill pay? How do you know? You have to ask.

Once you know what matters then you need to determine what your competitors are providing. The Venn diagram approach allows you to easily visualize what you are doing well ,what your competition is doing better and areas that you could improve.

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