Management Software

Understanding Software

There are six separate areas that the doctor and staff will need to understand in order to use practice management software well. These are:
1. General use of the software: This would include how to open it, how to find a patient, how to find a specific procedure or appointment.
2. Charting: That is entering treatment, creating treatment plans and entering procedure notes. Charting also includes linking to diagnostic aids like radiographs, photos and perio pocket charting.
3. Finance: This would include making an estimate, Creating and sending insurance claims. Billing. Entering payments.
4. Scheduling: Creating new appointments, finding existing appointments.
5. Communications: Maintaining patient contact and insurance information. Sending correspondence, insurance, re-call and confirmations.
6. Administration: Compiling numbers running reports and maintaining security.

Each person in the office should have a general understanding of the entire system. However each person will have special areas he/she needs to master.

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