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Uninformed, Clueless or Frightened

Confused1In case you missed it: Dentalcompare from October 2012.

Implementing new digital technology in the dental office involves a lot more than just choosing, buying and installing some tech gizmo. Just choosing the right gizmo is fraught with change and knowledge issues. Installing, implementing and then using the new gizmo creates even more change issues.

According to management and marketing expert Seth Godin when faced with change, or even just making a decision, people are one of three things: Uninformed, Clueless or Frightened.

This of course includes dentists and dental team members choosing and using technology…

It is not nearly enough to choose a particular software or sensor or e-service. If you are going to get value from technology you also have to use it. And use it in an effective manner. You need “buy in” from the entire team, including the dentist, and uninformed, clueless or frightened people do not buy in.

via Emmott On Technology: Uninformed, Clueless or Frightened—How to Avoid the Obstacles Blocking Successful Technology Implementation |

Overcoming resistance to change is often the most difficult part of implementing new technology. However it is not enough just to acknowledge people resist change. If we understand why people resist change and if we can anticipate the issues before they block progress then our transition will be faster, easier and less expensive.

Resistance is not confined to team members. Frequently the dentist resists using the technology he/she has invested in. If the dentist won’t bother to set up and use digital notes in the chart why should the team members buy in?

Resistance is often related to fear. However it is not some generic fear of change it is the fear that you as person will lose value; that your skills and your contribution will no longer be important and valued.

Effectively implementing change requires leadership. A leader has a clear vision for him/herself as well as for the organization. Then the leader communicates that vision to the team in a passionate manner than encourages others to come with them.

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