Very Large Dental Practices Seeing Significant Growth in Market Share

ADAFrom the ADA Health Policy Institute:

Key Messages

  • From 2002 to 2012, market share increased for dental firms with 20 employees or more, while dental firms with fewer than five employees experienced a decline in market share.

  • During the same period, very large dental firms – those with 500 employees or more – also saw increases in number of establishments, number of employees and annual receipts.

  • Market penetration of very large firms varies by state, from a low of none in seven states to a high of seven percent of the Florida market.

This is one of those “yes – but” items. One which has many people in a near panic. I have read a number of essays by concerned dentists lamenting the growth of corporate dentistry and how it will destroy the integrity of the profession. That might be true, But:

Large practices may be the fastest growing segment but that is in large part because it started out as such a tiny segment and despite the growth it is still tiny.

Small offices with zero to 19 employees make up 92% of US dental practices. That means only 8% are medium to large. As the data suggests there is a trend- ten years ago small offices (under 20 employees) made up 94% of practices. There has been a 2% drop. Never the less that is hardly a major change in the nature of practice let alone a take over by corporate dentistry.

Look above at the last of the key messages from the article. At most large practices have 7% of the market and in many states they have none.

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