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Virtual Huddle

I mentioned in a previous article that one of the features I liked about YAPI was the Huddle or Morning Meeting.

The Huddle feature pulls all the daily appointments from your Practice Management System (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, etc.) and displays them in order with pertinent information such as when they are scheduled, how long, what is planned, who they are seeing etc. However it does a lot more. It also displays any notes or alerts associated with that patient. For example medical complications or financial concerns.

Users can add notes in YAPI that will show up on the Huddle screen. These can be anything but commonly are personal notes about that patient or about that appointment. These can be set to appear only once or every time the patient is scheduled.

For example a onetime note might say; “Patient’s mother will pay balance in full at next appointment.” An every time note might be; “Patient does not like mint flavored mouthwash.”

Next come “To Dos”. A to do may be patient related or universal. To dos can be assigned to a specific team member. To dos can be added by any staff member and they will appear on the next day’s huddle. By the way the To Do list can be accessed on its own outside the daily huddle and it can be accessed by an individual team member and list just those items that that staff person needs to do.

The final items on the list are care calls. These are patients that were specified from previous days for a post op follow up call.

In a perfect world every team member would be together in a conference room going over the huddle and planning the day. In the real world team members can see the same screen and go over the same information from a remote site or even at a later time.

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