Internet Management

Web Use and Misuse

Do you trust your staff to use the Internet wisely or should you block access to sites you feel are inappropriate? It is relatively easy to determine if some sites are inappropriate; for instance porn or gambling. But, what about shopping or social media sites?

You may want to allow employees access to social networking sites as they can use them to promote your practice. Or another possible benefit they can organize their social life without spending hours on the phone. You might also allow people to shop online for office supplies during regular hours. On the other hand is it OK for staff members to shop for personal items during a lunch break

How do you know if dental team members are using good judgment with the Internet or are they abusing the system?  If you don’t block it you can monitor it

As the employer you have the right to monitor how your staff members use the office computer system and the Internet. In fact it would be foolish not to, as inappropriate surfing could expose the business to dangerous malware or even legal liability.

The federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) makes it clear that a company-provided computer system is the property of the employer. U.S. employers have the legal right to monitor all employee computer activity, transmissions and content- including incoming, outgoing and internal email messages, as well as web surfing, downloads and uploads.

Making sure your employees are aware of the laws surrounding internet usage may encourage them to surf appropriately.

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