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Website “Git er done”

Your dental practice website could make or lose you tens of thousands of dollars every year. What do you need to do to “git er done” when it comes to your website?

Obviously, you need to start with a professional and creative web developer. However even the best developers cannot create a web site without your help. They need to start with the basics, your address, phone number, logo and branding. Then they need professional photos of the doctors and staff. They need biographical information of every team member. They need a description of the practice, your philosophy and your areas of expertise. They need your financial options, credit cards, financing and insurance. They could also use videos, patient testimonials, before and after photos, services provided, special technology and more.

Your practice web page will only be as good as the information you provide the developer. If you choose to use DIY (do it yourself) team photos you take on the fly between patients or amateur videos you take with a phone, then your web site will look DIY and amateur.

According to my friends at TNT Dental it is this critical step that derails most dental web sites. The doctor and team have the best of intentions but the tyranny of day to day urgencies keep them from following up in a timely fashion.

The result is endless delays in creating the site, out of date photos and information, poor key word optimization and ultimately lost patients and income.

Tim and Tim, the founders of TNT (and the source of the Ts in the company name) have a two-step plan.

First, they send a professional video and photography team to your practice to create the needed videos and images. Second, (this is the best part) They invite the doctor and key team members to a three-day, high impact, creative retreat in Dallas to generate then fine tune the details. The retreat is like a working (tax deductible) vacation. You will spend some serious time developing your site including marketing, practice building, access to exclusive data, call listening, sharing of best practices and more, combined with free time for recreation and relaxation Think golf and spa. At the end of the retreat you will have everything you need for a world class dental website.

Of course, professional video teams and creative retreats cost more than DIY. However, Tim and Tim believe the fast turn around and quality result will quickly pay off with more satisfied patients.

If you are ashamed of your website, or worse yet do not even have a practice web site it is time to “git er done” and TNT can help.

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