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If the only thing your web site is designed to do is to attract new patients then people have the need to visit the site exactly one time in their entire lives.

Good web sites provide both information for potential new patients and services to support existing patients. One of the primary items patients look for on a dental website is information and help in paying for treatment. One of your main navigation buttons should be Finances and it should take the patient to a page that looks something like this:


Notice the page give insurance information, talks about Financial Arrangements and then lists credit cards the patient can use. However the most important option is CareCredit right at the top.

The CareCredit logo should be an active link that will take patients directly to the online application. You should then direct patients to this link on your website in order for them to apply for credit. You can do this over the phone, via e-mail or even sitting with the patient in the office. You should direct existing as well as new patients. Making payments easy helps your patients choose good dentistry over neglect.

Not only does having this link and then pushing patients to it provide a service it creates Google Juice. Two of the many factors Google examines in determining your page relevance, and therefore your ranking, are the number of users and the number of active links in and out of the site. Using your own site as a conduit to CareCredit helps with both those goals.

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