What Dental Patients Want

by Larry Emmott on September 17, 2015

in Management

Futuredontics Survey Highlights:

  • 90% say dental work is expensive
  • 31% think dentists try to sell unnecessary treatments
  • 91% will go back to the same dentist if they get an upfront conversation about cost
  • 93% will go back if they receive a clear explanation of required vs. optional treatments
  • 87% say that a dentist taking financial concerns into consideration is important
  • 74% say getting an immediate appointment is a top reason to choose a dentist
  • 57% look for a dentist who offers extended hours during the week
  • 46% consider weekend availability when choosing a dentist
  • 70% want to read online reviews from other patients before choosing a dentist
  • 30% say their choice of dentist is influenced by a practice’s website
  • 80% indicate insurance is an important factor when choosing a dentist
  • 63% are influenced by financing options
  • 74% say recommendations from others influence their choice of dentist
  • 60% turn to search engines to find a dentist

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