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What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash


There are no negotiated rates, no third-party reimbursements and almost no paperwork. “We say, ‘Here’s the price. Here’s what you’re getting. Here’s your bill,'” says Keith Smith, who co-founded the Surgery Center in 1997

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The linked article is medical not dental and there is a limited technology component. Nevertheless it is interesting and relates to dentistry. BTW what they refer to as “cash” means the patient pays with his/her own money they do mot rely on insurance.

Due to the very limited nature of dental insurance we essentially charge cash for almost anything beyond a basic prophy or a filling. Dental prices are far less opaque than typical medical expenses. As a result we need to be somewhat price conscience and we compete to a significant degree on price.

Well utilized technology will reduce costs and allow dentists to provide service to more people at lower costs.

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