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What is the Front Desk???

What do we really mean by “front desk”? It seems obvious but in reality the front desk is a place and a person, and most significantly a business system. The front desk is where all the business or administration of the practice takes place.

The front desk is the Data Center of the practice.

When all the practice information or data, including patient records, is on paper we need some place to pull the information together to make use of it. In other words, we use the diagnosis to make a treatment plan, use the treatment plan to make an appointment, use the chart to make an invoice and use the invoice to make an insurance claim. Almost always we have gathered this paper information at the (place, person, system) called the “front desk”

Once we transfer the data from paper to electronic we no longer need a single physical place, like the front desk, to gather the information. An administrator can gather the data where ever there is a computer. That could be at the front, in the back or even in a different building! The computer becomes the Data Center of the practice.

That is the thinking behind “Front Desklessness”. It is not that there is no desk or no person doing the work it is simply that digital workflow does not need to be centralized in one place.

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