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What Will You Never Do Again?


We tend to ask ourselves, what new thing will technology allow me to do today that I couldn’t do yesterday?

As natural and as exciting as that question is, it can be a much more meaningful example of the impact of technology to ask yourself what will I never do again?…

The point of this is that when you are looking to the future, planning for your practice and trying to determine your best course of action, do not try and guess the next new thing. There are far too many new things coming and far too many variables for your guesses to be accurate.

On the other hand, if you see what has already taken hold and examine how it is being used, you may be able to see what you will never do again. Google vs. Yellow Pages change is a good example. Based on the realization that you will never look up a business in the Yellow Pages again, you can easily decide to not spend money on a Yellow Pages ad and instead to invest in a web page.

This is a great way to plan for the future. Here are some dental office examples of things you might never do again based on developing technology.

  • I will never hold a radiograph up to the light again
  • I will never wait on hold again
  • I will never write a treatment note again
  • I will never change the chemicals in the developer again
  • I will never pack tissue again
  • I will never use the postage meter again
  • I (or my staff) will never hand a clipboard to a patient again
  • I will never spend the morning looking for a lost chart again
  • I will never pour a plaster model again

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