Dentalcompare Management Software

What You Need to Know

trainIn case you missed it the link below is to my May 16 Dentalcompare article. This is closely related to my observation that even dental offices that think they are high tech often don’t use their software very well.

The six areas of the software are:

  • General Use of the Software: This includes how to open it, how to find a patient, how to find a specific procedure or appointment.
  • Charting: That is entering treatment, creating treatment plans and entering procedure notes. Charting also includes linking to diagnostic aids such as radiographs, photos and perio pocket charting.
  • Finance: This includes making an estimate, creating and sending insurance claims, billing, and entering payments.
  • Scheduling: This encompasses creating new appointments and finding existing appointments.
  • Communications: This covers maintaining patient contact and insurance information, as well as sending correspondence, insurance, re-call and confirmations.
  • Administration: Compiling numbers, running reports and maintaining security.

So which members of the team need to know about which of these six areas? It breaks down in this way:

via Emmott On Technology: Who Knows What About Dental Practice Management Software? |

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