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Why are Health Care Costs Slowing?

From Bloomberg:

…the decline started in the middle of the last decade, and there’s no plausible policy mechanism that would have caused cost growth to moderate just then. And second, the same broad trend shows up in pretty much every high-income country. No matter how smashing you think Obamacare was, it didn’t stabilize health-care spending in Switzerland.

via Obamacare Isn’t What’s Slowing Costs – Bloomberg View.

The article surmises that cost slowing may be the result of less innovation.

The article does not ditiguish between medical and dental spending I assume they are lumped together. It would be interesting to know how much dental spending has decreased compared to medicine in general. So far dentistry has avoided being part of the ACA and is not as heavily regulated as medicine.

Then there is this from the ADA:

Dental spending began to slow in the early 2000s, well before the onset of the Great Recession. While overall health spending also began to slow in the early 2000s, the slowdown in the dental sector was much more pronounced.



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