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Why American dental insurance is so unspeakably awful

From Salon: HT Michael Barr.

You’ve probably paid more in dental insurance premiums than you’ll get back if you ever need serious dental work. Your annual coverage will run out long before your need for dental care. You’ll have to make up the difference out of your own pocket.

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The article makes some good points and informs people that dental benefits have not been updated in almost fifty years, At most dental benefits will cover a tooth a year and that you will most likely pay more in premiums than you ever get back in benefits.

The article is not bad but somewhat naïve. Of course you pay more than you get back, that is the way all insurance is designed to work. You will most likely never get back what you pay out for home owners or car insurance. Most of us think that is a good thing; we don’t want our house to burn down or to total our car.

The article is naïve but the comments are frightening. According to the commenters the solution is to get your work done in Mexico or to have the government take over with socialized dentistry.

PS: Note the image used to illustrate the article. I am getting so tired of it all.

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