Why do Patients Become Unresponsive?

by Larry Emmott on August 4, 2012

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From the Action Run blog:

Let’s be honest, the economy doesn’t necessarily have a ton to do with it. People are still spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary electronic equipment, entertainment and dining out for leisure purposes every month. The problem is priorities. People just don’t prioritize their dental treatment needs above other things.

via Blog – ActionRun, Inc..

She makes the point that people have to feel a need to return for necessary dental care. Sadly if it does not hurt or people can’t see a problem they often put off dentistry. If you can show the patient a need that is specific to them they are much more likely to return to the office for care. For example a message that simply says ”We missed you, good dental health requires regular cleanings.”  Will not be nearly as effective as a message that notes “The dentist noticed a crack in your lower left molar at your last appointment we are worried that that tooth may be getting worse.”

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