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Why Healthcare Costs so Much and How Technology Can Save Money

tooth2In case you missed it: Dentalcompare from October 2013.

Imagine going down to the Chevy dealer and picking out a new car, selecting the color and all the options, including the engine, transmission and fancy wheels, but when you ask the salesman how much the car will cost he won’t tell you?

“We don’t know the fee,” He says. “We will just send you a bill after you pick up the car.”

That’s nuts. No one would consider buying a car that way, and yet this is exactly the way people buy medical care every day…

…there is a property of smartphones—the multifunction capacity of these digital devices—that could reduce the cost of future medical dental technology. Everyone knows that a smartphone isn’t just a phone. Typically it is also a camera, a video camera, a gaming device, a GPS, a clock, a calculator and a whole lot more. Just a short while ago you would have needed to buy each one of those devices as a stand-alone, purpose built machine, now they are all part of your smartphone.

Generally speaking the smartphone in your pocket has more computing and communication power than the most sophisticated computer on the planet had a few years ago.

Researchers are taking advantage of that power by incorporating medical devices into a smartphone. For example there is an algorithm (an app) that analyzes a smartphone video of your face and by detecting minute changes can determine pulse rate and other functions that in the past required an expensive EKG.

via Emmott On Technology: The Forces Driving Up Healthcare Costs and How Technology Can Bring them Back Down |

This article is even more significant now that it was last year. The current news is full of the articles about the rising cost of medicine and insurance as a result of the ACA (Obamacare). Historically centralized control and regulations on costs have not only failed to control costs but have resulted in higher costs and shortages. There is no reason to expect different results this time and so far that is what we are seeing.

On the other hand innovative disruptive technology has proven time and again to improve service at lower costs.

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