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Will People Bid Online for Tooth Whitening Just Like an Airline Ticket?

I saw this outfit at the Hinman meeting. Very interesting concept follow the link for the whole story. Personally I have conflicting thoughts. One the one hand I prefer this type of free market approach to price control than government intervention. On the other hand it reduces dental service to a commodity, in which all dentists are considered the same, so choosing the lowest price makes sense. Clearly that  is not the case.

The PriceDoc business model is all about the doctors and dentists. It charges the health care provider a $50 monthly fee to be listed on, which is sort of like advertising in the Yellow Pages, Bradley says. The medical provider offers some information—where he or she went to medical school, types of procedures offered, office hours—which prospective patients can search through in a database built on ZIP codes near you. If the medical provider chooses to accept bids from patients, like Priceline, then the patient has the right to print out what is essentially a coupon from their home computer which they can redeem at the time of service, Bradley says. The site is free to consumers, and all they have to do is register and provide their phone number and e-mail he says.

via Will People Bid Online for a Nose Job Just Like an Airline Ticket? PriceDoc Thinks So | Xconomy.

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