Will that amazing high tech gizmo pay for itself or is it just an expensive toy?

When evaluating high tech for the dental office there are three things to consider before making a big purchase.

  1. Does this technology system enhance the human system? That is to say does it make the job easier and faster or even just more rewarding for the dentist the staff or the patient?
  2. Does this technology system improve the overall quality of patient care?
  3. Will this technology pay for itself? Is there a reasonable ROI?

The final question is often the most difficult to determine. Direct ROI results can be straight forward, such as reduced lab fees, reduced spending on film and chemicals or reduced printing and posting. Yet even these are sometimes hard to extract from the practice data. It is even harder to determine indirect savings such as reduced time in finding a record or increased income such as a referral based on some impressive WOW technology..

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