YAPI Plants Seeds at Townie Meeting

by Larry Emmott on May 6, 2011

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A few days ago I mentioned a new product I like a lot called YAPI. It is on display here at the Townie Meeting. YAPI fills in a whole bunch of gaps in our clinical communications. This includes communication from front to back, from staff to doctor, from office to patient, from staff to staff and much more.

For example YAPI has a “tickler” type of feature called “seeds”. If a patient expresses an interest in some future elective treatment or service such as whitening, Invisalign or tooth colored fillings the interest is noted as a “seed”. If seeds are properly cared for they can grow into lush forests.

You can search YAPI for patients who have a “seed” or interest and follow up with them. YAPI allows you to create as many customized interest groups as you like. Interest groups can be clinical such as “wants Invisalign” or personal such as “likes to golf”.

Once you have identified all the patients in an interest group YAPI allows you to export the patient data so you could send a paper letter or make a phone call list. Or what is even better you can e-mail the patient directly from YAPI using customized e-mail templates.

In the past if a patient expressed interest in a future elective procedure we might make a note somewhere on the paper chart, but the fact is we probably wouldn’t see that note until the patient returned for future treatment and there was no way to search the records. If you wanted to create a list of all patients interested in Invisalign all you could do was stare at your files and wonder. Now you can plant a seed and watch it grow.

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