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You do not know what you do not know

…they now know something that is so simple but makes such a huge impact on their day.

Source:  The Dentrix Office Manager Dayna Johnson

More often than not when I talk with a dentist or dental team member who complains about how awkward or time consuming it is to do some task with Dentrix I find they are doing it wrong. Almost always there is a shortcut or simpler way to accomplish the task. They just don’t know how and assume there is no solution.

The biggest mistake dentists make with technology is training. Or more accurately too little training. The dentists gets training onetime, only learns the most basic elements of the system then never gets training again. Then they complain when something seems too hard to do. They never think to get a trainer to help they seem to enjoy the complaining.

The linked article describes several of these kinds of little steps that can save hours of staff time.

A common related experience I run into far too often is the dentist or team member who wishes (or complains) that wouldn’t it be great if Dentrix just did so and so. It does do so and so I tell them. Really they ask since when? Sine the update three years ago. However they wouldn’t know that as they have not had training on any of the updates.

One of the best investments a dentist can make is ongoing software training. If you have not had any training in the past 18 months you are past due.

Look here for some training options.

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