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You need annual practice management software training

There was a time when the purchase of a new piece of software came with a user’s manual the size of a phone book. Now, both phone books and instruction manuals are all but extinct. Instruction duties have been transferred to trainers, online classrooms and tutorials. Unfortunately many dentists don’t take advantage of training opportunities, which is a big mistake.

via Why dental practices need annual practice management software training | Dental Products Report.

One of the  biggest mistakes that dentists make in using technology is inadequate training. If you have not had any training on your office technology in the last eighteen months you are way past due and you are costing yourself money.

Commonly a dental office will get two days of intense training when they first purchase their practice management system. Human capacity being what it is most of us stop learning after the first half day and we forget anything we don’t apply in the next few days.

nogolfThen, a new person is hired, another team member moves out of town, a software update is released and as a result the office is barely using the expensive system the doctor paid for. What is worse, they don’t even know what they don’t know.

Ongoing training is critical. That means at least a day a year on the general system and special directed training for critical systems. Training day is not doctor golf day. Training must include the dentist. The doctor does not need to be a mouse master and know every click and cranny of the software but it is essential that the dentist is familiar with the system knows the basics and understands what is possible.

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