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You will be Googled

Most people – 65-70 % – still star their search for a new dentist by asking for a referral. Any potential new patient, including those with a great personal referral from an existing patient, is going to Google you just to get the address and phone number. In fact many of your existing patients will Google you to get your phone number. When you Google your name what do you see? If you have a very common name you may need to put dds or dentist behind it. That is what your patient or potential patient would do. What do you see?

I am referring to a Google search of your name or possibly your practice name. This is how a patient with a good personal referral would find you or how an existing patient would get your number. This is quite different from a random Google for general search terms like dentist or orthodontist. Most every vendor attempting to sell dentists web page SEO (search engine optimization) is focused on the random surfer not the personal referral and they are not the same.

Based on this vendor focus many dentists only see the Internet as random surfers and a practice web page as a marketing tool just for new patients like an electronic Yellow Pages ad. If this was ever true it is not any longer.

You will be Googled. You cannot prevent it in fact you don’t want to prevent it. What you want to do is control (or at least influence) what comes up when your name is searched.

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