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10 Online Marketing Terms

From American Express

Many terms and acronyms you already know, like SEO search engine optimization and PPC pay per click. But there are some that you might have never heard before, or maybe you’ve heard but weren’t sure what they meant. Here are ten online marketing terms that you need to know now:

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Four terms that have significance to dentists:

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

PPC , Pay Per Click

CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization. This is probably a new one for you and measures not just how many people visit your web site but how many convert to patients.

Contextural Advertising. This service places your ads on blog posts or news articles that are related to your service. For example if the Wall Street Journal is featuring an article on dental veneers your display ad would appear on the same page. If the Journal article was about fishing in Alaska, no ad.

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