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6 Steps to Improve Your Personal Brand on Google

Make sure you are in control of your self-image on Google. You can take proactive measures to stand out among the competition and improve your personal brand on the first page of your search results.

Source: 6 Steps to Improve Your Personal Brand on Google

The linked article is geared toward personal not business use but never the less has some good advice regarding Google and personal reputation. Starting with the inescapable fact that people use Google all the time to check on people and businesses. When someone Googles your name what will they see?

Try it, Google your name. Do you like what you see?

BTW I believe (but have no data) that people Google dentists by name not by practice name. That is a happy patient will gush about how great Dr. Simpson is and that you have to go see her, she will not say you have to go to Pine Street Dental Group.

The primary thing a dentist can do to improve their Google name search results is to claim and populate their Google+ business page.

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