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Ad Blockers Will Force Reforms in Online Marketing

contentCFrom MIT Technology Review:

I think the biggest reason people are rejecting ads can be summed up in one word: tracking. Over the past decade, companies have increasingly used technology lurking beneath the surface of online ads to capture as much data about us as possible.

Source: Ad Blockers Will Force Reforms in Online Marketing | MIT Technology Review

Have you noticed that as soon as you search Google or Amazon for something – say a left handed potato peeler – you immediately see ads all over other web pages trying to sell you left handed potato peelers? Creepy huh.

On the one hand I appreciate seeing ads for something I might actually be interested in as opposed to ads designed for the masses for products that have no interest to me. On the other hand it is disconcerting, to say the least, that so much personal information is floating around online.

Web users are fighting back with ad blocker software.

According to the linked MIT article people are fighting back for two reasons.

  1. They resent interruption ads that clutter the actual content they are looking for.
  2. They do not want to be tracked online.

Interestingly since I started to use an ad blocker some web pages are pushing back. They tell me I won’t get the full page if I have the blocker on or they ask me to turn it off just for them promising a light ad experience.

One final thought to always keep in mind. If there is a service online that is “free”, think Facebook or gmail, then you, the user, are the product.

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