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ADA Find-a-Dentist celebrates one-year anniversary

ADA News:

From April 2017 through April 2018, the Find-a-Dentist online search tool received more than 2.2 million site visits. These resulted in over 530,000 searches and more than 1 million profile views.

Source: ADA Find-a-Dentist celebrates one-year anniversary

This is good and I am glad the ADA has this program.

However let’s put it in perspective. The ADA search tool had 2.2 million visits in a year. People google the word “dentist” 3 million times each month or 36 million times in a year.

More than one million profile views is good. It would be even better to know how many of those views went on to become patients.

The ADA did not come up in a Google search of either “dentist” or “dentists near me”. It did come up as an organic first page result for “find a dentist”.

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