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AdWords: What people search for?

adwords-517x300-300x174People are becoming much more sophisticated users of Google. In addition Google is constantly evolving and changing how search results are compiled and displayed. For that reason what was good search engine strategy a few years ago my no longer be useful and what is useful now will change in the future.

People use the internet and Google every day to find a dentist. Most (60-70%) start as they always have with a personal referral and search for a dentist by name. The rest (30-40%) search with a key word; like “dentist”. In fact 13 million people a month search “dentist” using Google.

How do we know this? Google tells us. Google will tell you what words people are searching for with a free tool called AdWords. If you have a Google account (and you should) you can log in below and check it out.


You can use this tool to buy AdWords. This is called SEM Search Engine Marketing. Or you can use it to improve your organic search results with SEO Search Engine Optimization.

“Dentist” is a very common search term however it may not in fact be a good choice as an AdWord. So many people are vying for that word it will be very costly to buy and you are likely to be lost in a results page that includes definitions, news, referral networks and more. You may be better off choosing a more specific word or even a series of words such as cosmetic dentist, children’s dentist, or implants.

How do you know what to use? Adwords will tell you how many people are searching for these terms in your area.

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