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Cosmetic Dental Shoppers are Impatient

The following comes from the Sesame Communicationsstudy looking at what people do and don’t like about dental web pages. This study was aimed at patients looking for a cosmetic dentist. For the complete paper and other gems from Sesame look here:

Another surprising finding from the study is the impatience among cosmetic dentistry shoppers in getting to their desired information. Anything that slows consumers down or forces them to think about where to find information is likely to send them on to another site. It’s common knowledge that consumers’ online expectations are rising as people become more accustomed to shopping online. On cosmetic dentistry sites, this expectation is dramatically increased. While prospective patients searching for general dentists and orthodontists are willing to look carefully at practice sites and invest a little time in finding desired information, cosmetic dentistry prospects want to find the content they’re looking for now.



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