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Dental Advertising Comparison: Social Media or Traditional?

smilemarketingA nice blog from Smile Marketing:

Looking Beyond the Numbers

By and large, social media reaches the highest number of prospective patients for the lowest cost. However, looking at cost alone isn’t enough. What makes social media even more valuable is its targeting options. You can pinpoint your ideal audience much better than you can through traditional advertising.Facebook has compiled an impressive amount of data on its users. User profiles, behaviors, and 3rd party data have enabled dentists to narrow down their message to a specific segment of users.Say you are a dentist practicing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You could run a teeth whitening ad targeted at engaged women aged 21 to 30 who live within 20 minutes of your office. Or you could run an ad for dentures targeted to an older demographic living within 15 minutes of your office.Does a magazine or billboard ad give you these abilities? Not even close.

Source: Dental Advertising Comparison: Social Media or Traditional?

This offers a nice comparison between different advertising options. It also deals with social media advertising not just social media participation. Having an active dental practice Facebook page is nice but in most cases has very limited value. However you can pay for a Facebook ad and target a very specific audience.

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