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Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD)

From  AIM Dental Marketing:

Following nearly five years of testing and development,AIM Dental Marketing‘s Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD)is now available to solo and group practice owners, dental support organizations, and dental consultants…

…The motivation behind DMD is to address a persistent challenge faced by dentist and practice consultant alike; how to easily and simply, and in real time, identify and monitor their (or their client’s) dental marketing results.

Source: Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD) | AIM Dental Marketing

I like this a lot.

In theory digital marketing provides immediate real time analysis of results. Rather than guessing how many people may have looked at and read a print ad in a magazine or newspaper a digital ad give immediate feedback as to who has viewed it and better yet who has clicked and taken action. Digital marketing makes the marketers accountable and gives the people paying for the ads real data and ROI information.

Unfortunately most dentists do not get this kind of information from the people selling them marketing.

The dashboard is included for customers of AIM however it is also available for a fee to any dentist who wants a quick and easy way to see if his/her marketing is effective.

Click HERE to see an real time example of the Dental Marketing Dashboard.