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Dentalfone – From the Chicago Midwinter

On of the dentists at my Chicago lecture told the group that 80% of the people accessing his web pages were doing so with a mobile device.

Patients love their smartphones. Your image on mobile is everything. The battle over patients using smartphones in your office is over – the patient won.

How can you embrace the smartphone and leverage this device to your success? Dentalfone turns your patient’s smartphone into an extension of your website. It becomes a tool that you can leverage to increase patient referrals, generate more 5-Star reviews, and improve your level of service with easy to access information such as post-op instructions.

Source: Dental Marketing Companies | Web Marketing for Dentists

Dentalfone is a mobile optimized dental web page. The designers have created unique, easy to use, visually compelling web sites, like the sample shown here, designed specifically to be used with a mobile device. This is not an app that the user needs to download but it looks and acts like one.

Typically web designers have started with a web site designed to be viewed on a full size screen. That full size version is then re-configured to fit smaller tablet and mobile screens as a responsive web site.

Dentalfone takes the opposite approach and designs for mobile as the primary device. Sites can be customized to feature the items important to each office but they all have a clean contemporary look with easy to use mobile optimized navigation

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