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by Larry Emmott on January 20, 2011

in Digital Marketing

Howard Farran speaks out in the latest Dental Town linked below. As usual Howard is not afraid of saying what’s on his mind in this case he makes the amazing statement that men and woman are different..shocking! He then notes that most dental appointments are made by women. A statement that is easily verified by hanging around the front desk of any dental office for a few hours.

Based on these observations the next bit of advice is to connect with them and the newest way to do that is with the Internet, Google and other social media.

The Yellow Pages are dead and buried. They have been for almost a decade. I don’t understand why some of you feel the need to get out the shovels every year and dig it back up! Ask every patient what he or she uses to look something up and I bet you’ll hear “Google” almost every time.

via Dentaltown – Magazine Article – Howard Speaks.

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