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Desktop Search Poised for ‘Significant Decline’

From Mashable:

The researcher predicts a “significant decline” of 9.4% or $1.4 billion in desktop advertising this year. Revenues for desktop search are expected to continue to decline over coming years; by 2018, they will be down 33.1%. On mobile, it’s the opposite: Search revenues rose 120.8% last year and are projected to grow another 82.3% in 2014.

via Report: Desktop Search Poised for ‘Significant Decline’ This Year.

The linked article is about ad revenue however the underlying theme is important to dentists. That is that desktop search is declining while mobile search is increasing. To address this issue be sure your web page and social media pages are optimized for mobile. A mobile website is NOT just a mini version of a desktop site. The best way to to this is with a responsive web site. Your web designers should be able to help you with this.

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