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Digital Marketing – What Really Matters

Which is better, to be the first result in the paid section of a Google search for “dentist” or to be the first organic result in a search for the terms “dental implants”? Is it better to spend $2,000 a month on Google AdWords or should you spend your time on a free Facebook business page? Which page of your website do visitors click on the most? Which keywords get the best results, “dentist” “dentist close to me” “implants” or “dental veneers”?

The answer is no one really knows, and the answers will be different for different dentists in different locations. The only way to really know is to test it and track results. The good news is that with modern digital marketing it is now possible to track all these things and more. Your marketing company or website developer should be providing these numbers for you. Unfortunately, very few dentists get these stats.

The results can be surprising. For example, the word “dentist” will cost a lot more to buy as an AdWord than the word “implants”. “Dentist” will get more hits than “implants”. You may get five patients this month from “dentist” and only one from “implants”. However, if the one implant patient ends up spending $10,000 and the five general patients each get an exam and cleaning for $100 each it is obvious that “implants” is a better option.

Most dentists do not have the expertise, time or inclination to track these digital marketing options. Dentists contract with a web or marketing firm and let them do the research, testing and tracking. That is good. It is good practice to outsource systems you are not equipped to provide. However the dentist does need to know the basic concepts. The dentist does need know what to ask for and what is possible.

Do not settle for a marketing service that just promises you a top Google result or hundreds of Facebook followers. That is nice but what really matters is how many people actually make appointments and then how much income do they generate. In basic business terms, what is the ROI.

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