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E-mail for Business Development

E-mailFrom Amex Open Forum:

Quick question: Is the number-one marketing tool to grow your small business:

  1. Facebook,
  2. Google+, or
  3. Email

via 10 Smart Ways to Grow Your Email List – OPEN Forum :: American Express OPEN Forum.

The answer is e-mail.

The linked article is mostly about growing a business e-mail list. That does not have a lot of relevance to dentistry but the idea that e-mail is a more effective way to grow our practices than social media certainly does have relevance.

Back in the day…BC…(before computer) dentist were advised to create paper newsletters we could mail to patients in order to stay connected and generate good will. Now in the digital age we can do the same thing much more effectively and much less expensively using e-mail or blogs.

So the message is to gather e-mail addresses for your patients (Dentrix and the others have data fields for e-mail) and use them to stay in touch.

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