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Facebook Banishes Competition from News Feed

321537-facebook-thumbs-down-dislikeFrom Breitbart:

Facebook intends to use this knowledge to develop algorithms that can “scalably” silence what it deems to be “noise” in users’ accounts. But what they are really after is to hide un-paid crap, to free up more user space for the good Facebook-paid crap.

It is always a slippery slope when a corporate behemoth like Facebook says it wants to improve your user experience by banishing the free flow of ideas in order to maximize space the free flow of paid advertising.

via Facebook Banishes Competition from News Feed – Breitbart.

I admit I check my Facebook pages every day. I like it as a way to “stay in touch” with people. Having said that I have come to the conclusion it is a lousy marketing system for dentists.

Currently your office Facebook posts are likely to be seen by only around 6% of the people who have “liked” your page. With the new policy as described in the linked article it is likely that even less will see your unpaid posts in the future.

The only way to have your office postings seen is to pay Facebook. At one time social media was touted as being “free”, that is clearly not how it works today. There is no cost to set up a Facebook page for your practice but if you want your likers to see what you are posting you will need to pay.

Paying to promote Facebook postings is not necessarily bad, most marketing has a cost; it is just that it was sold to dentist as being free. Since it is not free you need to evaluate the ROI.

Carefully document referrals etc. from Facebook and determine if the money spent is worth it. I do not believe it is.


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