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Facebook for Dentists

naomi-142x150A nice article from Naomi Cooper at the Sesame Blog. She has several good ideas about using Facebook however what I believe will be the most significant Facebook development is Graph Search.

…because of Facebook’s new Graph Search, which enables people to search Facebook’s database for information that lives there only, your patients’ interactions, such as likes and check-ins, have actually become more important than the posts published by your practice.

via Facebook for Dentists: New Ways to Keep Patients Engaged | Sesame Communications.

With Graph Search the person looking for a dentist can search their social graph to see which dentists their friends like.

Compare this with a typical Google search. If you type in the word dentist into Google you will get a list of dental referral sites as well as some dentists in your area. Which dentists show up? Those who are Internet savvy have paid a web designer for good SEO and or paid Google to show up on a PPC ad. Are those dentists any good? Will you like them?

With a social Graph Search you are finding dentists your friends use and like. It is much more like an actual personal referral than a random Google search.

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