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Facebook is cracking down on ‘overly promotional’ posts from brands

facebook_logoFrom Mashable:

Facebook announced that it intends to crack down on “promotional content” from brands, citing feedback on Friday from users who complained about too much hucksterism in their News Feeds.

Such content was showing up in the form of status updates from brands that consumers had Liked at one time or another. Starting in January, updates with a promotional bent won’t show up in users’ News Feeds as much, thanks to an algorithm tweak.

via Facebook is cracking down on ‘overly promotional’ posts from brands.

Three thoughts:

Good, I find myself increasingly frustrated with Facebook. Finding posts that I care about among the blatant ads is certainly part of that increasing apathy.

Yes I agree. The best postings from a business such as a dental office are not blatant ads but interesting human interest items or humor.

On the other hand the numbers tell us that typically any posting from a business goes to only 6% of the people who have liked the business page. So why are you bothering in the first place?

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