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You have worked hard and have managed to get 523 people to like your practice on Facebook, Congratulations. Now whenever you post some interesting dental tidbit on Facebook 523 people will see it and be reminded of your dental office… Not quite.

The upshot is that brands can still access fans of their Facebook pages but they’ll have to pay to reach them all. Some may have assumed that they could reach all their fans no matter what through a Facebook post for free. But because there is so much content going through Facebook, they’ll have to pay

via Facebook Clears The Air On News Feed, Promoted Posts – Forbes.

The linked article from Forbes gives you all the details but the bottom line is that when you post something on your practice Facebook page only a fraction of the people who have liked your page will see it unless you pay Facebook to promote the post.

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Thank you for the information. Good news is that we paid to promote certain posts and it is not that expensive to reach fans. It normally costs about $1 to reach 300 fans and their friends within one day. It does add some to the marketing budget, but we do get some LIKES out of it. Hoping this is good information. You can check out our office facebook page Morgan Hill Dentist.

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