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Gathering Your Gaggle of Google Accounts

From iDENTiwrite Dental Marketing:

Google Search, Google +, Google Local (formerly Maps), and Adwords are now accessible from one cohesive dashboard at Google My Business. For dentists, this means you need to make sure that you’ve claimed your Google My Business account. It’s free.

Source: Gathering Your Gaggle of Google Accounts – iDENTiwrite Dental Marketing

This is a huge improvement over the old system.

When you get a great personal referral the potential new patient is going to Google you to get the address and to make an appointment. What happens when someone Googles your name is extremely important. One of the best ways to control that is to claim and complete your Google Business account. By the way if you have a practice you have a Google Business account whether you know it or not.

NOTE: I believe most referrals will be to a dentist by name not to a dental practice by name. In other words the referral will be to Dr. Sally Yates not Midtown Dental. For that reason it is critical that you optimize both your name and your practice name. The exception is heavily marketed national brands such as Aspen.

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