Getting New Patients from the Web

by Larry Emmott on October 27, 2010

in Digital Marketing

If you are using your website to attract new patients here is some good news. A recent study from Cobalt group found that 55% of leads generated from the Internet resulted in a sale. Now for the bad news. Only 10% of the 55% went to the “intended” seller.

These results were for car dealers however there are some lessons to be learned for dentists as well. The survey identified three different types on Internet prospect. I have adapted them to the dental profession.

Soft leads are potential new patients who are surfing randomly and may come across your name in a Google map or similar site. They have no particular reason to choose you and may simply click to your web page or Google landing page. To convert them to a solid lead you need to have a compelling “sticky” web page that gets them to call or e-mail for an appointment. If you can’t or don’t do this there are plenty of other dentists online and the potential new patient will simply click away. In fact Google will give a nice listing of “related places”  right on your Google landing page. When this happens those people become part of the 90% that got away.

A targeted lead comes from a person who searches for a product and then finds you through a referral service. If you Google dentist you will see that most of the first page results are not for dentists but for vendors that will help the consumer find a dentist.

A targeted lead is better than a soft lead but in order for the patient to find you, you must be signed up with the referral company and then you must aggressively follow up once the patient name is delivered to your office.

The third potential new patient is the solid lead. This person has landed specifically on your page and takes the steps necessary to fill out forms and make an appointment request. Most dentists find that solid leads generated directly from their website are more qualified and have a considerably higher rate of following through and accepting treatment.

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DMDrep October 27, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Wow, exactly. Think sticky referral and apply to today’s use of tech….

Where did you used to do e most searching, and how is this rapidly changing. Where will the next generation search for a referral? Who do you trust most for advice on services? Family and friends or an Internet search?

A sticky referral…. Good idea….

Success in Dentistry and Life….

Mexico Dentist November 4, 2010 at 1:13 am

Thanks for the idea! I think that it is also important that your website is always on the first page when people are searching for some dental services. The “sticky” web page can really help for you to have new patients. I think that it is also better if your web page contains lots of good information and testimonials about your clinic in order to attract customers.

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