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Groupon use with Caution

Groupon, linked below, is one of the latest social media sensations. Essentially they are online coupons for local businesses that require a minimum number of people, the group, to become active. Dentists have used Groupon with amazing and sometimes catastrophic results.

According to Marty Jablow a high tech dentist in New Jersey some dental offices have been overwhelmed with Groupon responses. That is three, four hundred and even more potential new patients signing on for the Groupon special. That many new patients simply overwhelm a typical dental office. Even if you did nothing but see new patients every day if you had 400 responses you would be putting people off for months. Not good.

On the other hand it obviously can and does work. You may want to be cautious with an opening offer. That is don’t give away everything or offer an extremely low price but offer a modest deal and see what happens. Evaluate how good the patients are that respond. Are they real new patients or just shoppers looking for a cheap cleaning then on to the next coupon?

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