How Much Is That Tweet Worth?

by Larry Emmott on March 16, 2012

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Does Social Media pay off?

According to Imbue’s infographic, nearly two thirds of companies (63 percent) say social media has increases the effectiveness of their marketing. Half of firms say social media has increased customer satisfaction, and 45 percent say they have been able to cut marketing costs thanks to these platforms.

via How Much Is That Tweet in the Window? : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum.

According to this linked article yes it does. I must confess I am skeptical. I am in awe of Facebook and I understand the concept behind using social media as a communication device to build community. On the other hand I have yet to see direct evidence it works as hyped.

My personal bias is that a dentist needs a good interactive website first, needs to claim his/her Google Place, needs a mobile site, needs e-mail and or text communications with patients…then social media could be added on top. I do not see social media as the first and only digital marketing plan.

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