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How to get more Google customer reviews

From GoDaddy Blog:

Online customer reviews have emerged as one of the most important digital marketing tools, especially for small businesses that want to compete with much larger corporations. The best part is, your company does not have to do much of the work except encourage customers to leave their favorable impressions about your business on one or more of the leading customer review sites.

If you still aren’t convinced that online customer reviews matter for promoting your products and services, let’s look at a few statistics to seal the case for receiving online customer reviews.

  • More than 95 percent of consumers read at least one customer review for a local business.
  • Around 90 percent of consumers use online reviews to make buying decisions.97% of consumers read the responses businesses leave to customer reviews.
  • The minimum star rating on a scale of one to five a typical consumer accepts for a business is 3.3.
  • 67% of consumers leave a review after asked to by a business.

Source: How to get more Google customer reviews – GoDaddy Blog

Click through for a very good outline of why you want and how to get Google reviews. Just as importantly the authors give examples of what NOT to do. For example do not try and shame or argue with negative reviewers and do not try and buy positive reviews. Google hates that.