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How to Set Up a Facebook Page

The article linked below gives some easy to follow instructions on setting up a business Facebook page. There are several things to consider as you leap into the social media world. The first is to simply as yourself why? If your answer is because everyone else is doing it you might want to reconsider.

I am in awe of Facebook. I am also skeptical as to how effective it is as a marketing tool for dentists. In my opinion there are several digital marketing basics you need to have in place before trying to benefit from Facebook.

The first is you need a good interactive up to date practice web page. Second you need to be collecting patient e-mail addresses and cell numbers for e-mail and text message communications. Third you need to claim your Google place and manage online user reviews.

Facebook requires you to sign up as a person before you can create a business page. One of the core tenets of Facebook is that you have to really be you, no fake or multiple identities. This is good but there is the inevitable issue of friending patients to you as a person and friending them or more accurately getting them to like you as a dental office. This is an issue and there is no best practice or graceful way to handle it.

And then Facebook keeps changing how it works and best practices today are lost tomorrow.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you initiate your Facebook marketing campaign.

via HOW TO: Set Up a Facebook Page.

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Do you see a place for Facebook for the endodontist? I can see it as a tool for connecting with the referring dentist (on some level), but I would love an opinion and guidance. Jane

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