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Improve Your Website With A/B Testing

American Express Open Forum:

Start small. Youve got to walk before you can run. Start by testing small visual changes on your site. After all, sometimes the biggest conversion gains come from tweaking the smallest things. Test elements like:Button colors red vs. green, button text or link colorsPage headline variationsSales copy length: shorter vs. longerContent width usually between 480 and 600 pixelsImage placement, image type, even whether or not to have images Social Triggers has a great overview on images and conversion rates.Font families, font colors, font sizes

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The vast majority of dental office web sites are fit to a template with a bit of custom graphics thrown on top then they are ignored for months or years at a time.

Most dentists (and sadly the web site designers who work with them) have no idea which features patients click on most. (It is “about the dentist”). They don’t know what features drive them away. (Flash “enter here” pages). And they have no idea how many web site visitors become patients.

However one of the great things about digital marketing is that all these things and more can be easily tracked and tested. For example some of the information shown above comes from research done by Sesame Communications.

The linked article gives some simple marketing tips and tests you may consider with your web page. Which gets more results the page with the blue background or the one with the yellow? That’s A/B testing.

Does it matter? Let’s say the blue site brings in just one more patient a month. That’s twelve a year and if each new patient generates $700 on average the blue site is $8,400 better. Good to know.

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Hi Larry, indeed A/B testing can create significant results that last a long time compared to other efforts that need constant updates to be getting more money (like SEO and PPC). I’d love to show you what could be tested on one of your client sites. Send me an email and I will make test suggestions … always fun.


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