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Living Social

I received this online Living Social coupon a couple of weeks ago. As you can see it is an offer for veneers at a special price from a Scottsdale dentist .

LivingSocial Veneer

As you can see only three people have purchased the offer. Is that good enough? Living Social and the others have a minimum number needed to activate the daily deal.  Will it pay off?

One advantage of e-coupons like Groupon or Living Social is that the business pays based on the number of people who sign up. There are no upfront at risk expenses as you would have with an old fashioned paper direct mail piece.

However like traditional direct mail coupons many e-coupon users report lots of price shoppers who come in just for the discounted cleaning or whitening and never get any substantial work done.

Dr. Poulos has taken an interesting route he is offering a high end item. Conventional wisdom says people will not sign up for a $1,000 plus item as a sight unseen coupon offer. Maybe…but he has three.


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